A Festive Prelude: Burghley House’s Enchanting Line-up Leading to Christmas 2023


Discover Halloween and Christmas Events at Burghley House 2023

As the leaves fall and the year inches closer to its end, Stamford unveils a festive journey nestled within the historic walls of Burghley House. A mere stone’s throw away from your comfortable abode at Stamford Stays, Burghley House extends an invitation to a series of events that encapsulate the essence of tradition, fun, and the holiday spirit.

Starting off the festive revelry, the Burghley Halloween Trail from 14th to 29th October immerses visitors in a spooky yet thrilling adventure, perfect for families and thrill-seekers. Following suit are the Spooky Tours and Beastly Boring Tours from 18th to 28th October, offering a playful haunt and humorous exploration of Burghley’s lesser-known tales.

As Halloween festivities wind down, Burghley House morphs into a haven of craftsmanship with Halloween Craft Workshops from 23rd to 27th October. Here, ignite your creativity in the spooky spirit of the season, crafting memories alongside unique hand-made treasures.

Christmas events at Burghley House

The magnificence of the season unfolds in full swing with the Burghley Christmas Fair from 23rd to 26th November. This event heralds the onset of the Christmas season, bringing together a delightful array of stalls, brimming with unique gifts, artisanal crafts, and festive treats. Amidst the historical grandeur, the fair offers a cozy embrace of the upcoming holidays, setting the perfect stage for the magical season.

Transitioning into December, the festive cheer continues with Wreath Making Workshops on 1st December, offering a chance to create your own emblem of holiday warmth. The journey towards Christmas culminates in a burst of joyous energy with the Santa Fun Run on 10th December, where the community comes together in a blend of fitness and festivity, marking a cheerful end to the eventful run-up to Christmas.

The festive line-up at Burghley House is a testament to Stamford’s rich heritage intertwined with modern celebratory traditions. A stay at Stamford Stays not only gifts you with luxury and comfort but opens doors to a local experience steeped in jovial festivities and communal warmth. Secure your holiday apartment and step into a world where every event is a doorway to Stamford’s vibrant cultural tapestry

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halloween at Burghley house
Christmas events at Burghley house
Christmas at Burghley house